Wedding Hair Style For Long Hair

A meal that comes out suddenly, a birthday party or even a wedding invitation … Practical hair models and constructions that you can easily apply when you need to go out at night and you can get a magnificent image in a short time!
Messy Bun Model: A model I am sure will give us a simple elegance when we are looking for hair models for special occasions! I will definitely review the other diffused bun models that are impressive easy to make!

Separate the hair from the side and shape with a pinch of hair on the front with brush and fingers or hair straighteners
Curl the lower part of the flattened hair with a tong
The saucer crepe you set aside
Combine the hair on the other side of the hair in a twisted shape from the back of the ear to the shape formed by the tongs
Spray to keep your hair from spoiling
Spray application recommendation: After you have thoroughly shaken, first spray a piece of air into the air. Then, in order not to be too hard, it is often used in softness that will not deteriorate by keeping the hair slightly away.
Easy Ballerina Ball: We are wondering how to make knitting hair models. Here’s a bun model you can do without even needing a coat! You can even go to your friend’s wedding if you use a hair cloak or a stylish hair accessory.

Tighten the hair firmly
Just open a gap with your fingertip just above the token
Divide the hair into two halves
Put your pit in the space that you opened
Pull down and tighten by pulling
Apply a dense crepe with a comb with a sagging sauce for a voluminous bun image
Turn it into a pack by wrapping it like stuffing up from the bottom
Do not forget to fix it on the right and left sides.
Semi-bulk Hair Model with Hair Band: A slightly scattered natural looking model made with hair band between knob patterns! The hairband models are running for the help of those who want to get a simple and stylish look again!

Place hair band
Divide the hair into 3 pieces, from 2 sides and 1 back, and loosely gather the back part from the hair point
Tuck it into the band by twisting it into a bundle from the farthest end
Attach the piece you tighten with a buckle
Curl the remaining piece on the right side backwards
Place the piece you curl on the back
Fix hair ends with filigree
Release a few handles to capture a nice image from the front
To obtain a firm but loose appearance from the edges, loosen the handle and hold it firmly so that it does not appear any longer.
Easy Top Model: Here’s one more of the most attractive ball models! It is worth remembering that easy bunny models that save the day are simple and stylish knobs.

Lightly crepe to make the hair look more bulky
Spray a little spray on your creped hair
Pull the entire sheet toward the rear right
From right to left, like a bird’s nest, inward
Pin the tips of the hair of the sardine
The twist and the easy bun model are ready!
Knitted Topuz Model: It is also possible to make the knitting hair models more stylish with comfortable models and single knitting in terms of construction and usage. Here is the model of the knotted knot!

Separate the hair from the left side by 2 pins and collect with tiny tires
Divide the left piece into two
Start knitting your first three stitches apart
Take a pinch of the right side of the 3rd track each time to make the basket a braid
Bring the braid to the back of the right ear
Pin every third pin
Combine the hair with the hair on the right side
The handle is normally knitted
Bring the bottom of the other knot to the back of the left ear
Fix tissue underneath
Braided Neck Twine: Separate hair from 2 front to back, 3
The left part of the front
You can also use the front right
Loosely pull the rear part from the end of the hair
So you made your hair loose right in the middle and left in the middle
Begin with hair and roll with your finger and stick with buckle
Fasten the right part of the knitting in the front over the back pulley
Wrap and fix left part on roll
You can apply krepe if you want to give the volume to the image of the back side
Helen Braided Neck Ball: The knitting fashion in the hair is both old and all kinds of knitting hair models are in beauty. With the Helen weave model you will do the bun example!

Without separating the hair from the center, with a natural distribution,
Start the braid from the bottom of the ear and continue from ear to ear
Take care to knit loosely
Attach one side to the other with the help of a wire buckle
Bulky Horse Tail: A stylish example of horse-tail hairstyle that will be in 2016’s most popular hair models! Neither the horse-tail hair models are a perfect savior in both everyday life and on special occasions!

Make a sauce tongue first so that the horse tail looks more stylish
After applying the tongs, open the big waves with your fingers to get the look of the water ripples hair. So you can get a more natural look

Separate the front fingers with a fine-stemmed comb
Separate 2 pinches of hair from the right and left sides of the ear
Apply a crepe to the tail of a horse with a larger amount of spine on the back side
Then collect the hair from the hill in the form of a regular horse tail
Spin the ends of the hair that you have separated from the ear level by twisting it over the hair
Secure the fleet and prevent it from disintegrating.
The way to recover sudden night invitations is through these hair models.



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