In any unexpected times, we may be faced with broken powder, broken eye blisters, or broken blush images that come out of the makeup bag. How do I fix broken, broken powder or broken powder makeup materials?The product is actually alcohol that will help you to fix broken powder, broken blush or broken eye shadow. The alcohol that helps to bring the fragments together when they are liquid will fly when it is dry and leave the pressed paste like the old one. You need to fix broken powder, 70% alcohol (products such as baby cologne can be used instead of pure alcohol), spoon, money or spatula (depending on the size of the product) for pressing, a cap and a cover to avoid dipping around.First of all, even if your powder or alum is broken from just a few places, take the powder into a bowl and crush it thoroughly. I think that you will not have difficulty at this stage because general structures are soft. You slowly add alcohol into this powdered powder. The consistency here is very important. What you need to achieve is a pastey, very watery or too hard consistency. Move the pasty consistency into your own container again. After this step we have to do straightening and pressing. You can also use spoons for larger products such as powder and blush. Press on the paste with the opposite of the spatula and press it to dry. After the alcohol or cologne tip, the headlight or powder will look like the first day and you will use it again normally.How to Get Ripped Lipstick Former?
Maybe it’s a rash that breaks up almost all ladies. Sometimes it can be a result of carelessness, sometimes lipstick can break because it is too soft. If this annoying incident happens to you, it is useful to practice the method that we will talk about without ruining your lipstick.

First, get your broken lipstick in a clean plastic bag (ideal for this job) without touching your hands (due to hygiene). You may wear latex gloves for your hand or other hygienic gloves. Keep this broken piece in the freezer for about ten minutes.

Then turn the portion of the lipstick left in its cabin to the visible position. Melt this part of the lipstick in the package very lightly with the lighter, and stick it on the lipstick part that you take out of the freezer and hold it a little like this. Be gentle with your lipstick so you can break up again. After waiting 2-3 minutes, put your lipstick in the ice again and wait at least half an hour. You can use your lipstick after checking it and making sure it is freezing.To protect the shape of your eyebrows, if you shape yourself, to do it correctly, a bit of skill, a little attention, of course. First of all, you must use the right tools before anything else. Right tweezers, like the right eyebrow brush. Let’s start with the selection of tweezers. If the hair is thin, you should choose an extra sharp tip and a tight tweezer. Of course you can not complete the shaping process with a single tweezer. Because, to thin, separate tweezers must be used to shape. For that, you need a good set of tweezers. In addition to your set, you will also find a brow brush to use during shaping, coloring and cutting. You should also get a good eyebrow to clip the extended ends of your eyebrows that you brush upwards with a brush.

After brushing the ends of the eyebrows, you should scrub your eyebrows down with your brush and repeat the scan upwards. This will be effective in determining a healthier size. The most accurate time you will shape your eyebrows will be after the shower. Because, after the shower, the hair is softened, making the browsing less painful. If you are taking your eyebrows yourself, you should definitely use a magnifying mirror. So you can even see the smallest fur. If you can apply all these correctly, your eyebrows will thank you.


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