Every woman wants to be healthy, to look perfect. Here’s a lot of work, practical beauty follies …
1) Lighten with Serum: You can apply a point serum to your eyebrows, such as your cheekbone, where you want to add sparkle to your skin. Many brands have serum, you can choose the one that suits your skin type.
2) Dry the plant: To help dry the plant, leave your hands in a whale full of ice water for 30 seconds.
3) Wait for a minute: Do the peeling with slight movement and longer time instead of hard movements. Avoid excessive pressure on your skin.
4) Stay away from alcohol: increase the amount of oil production per day and increase the pores. Insomnia can also cause the same consequences, so be careful to take your sleep and sleep for at least 7 hours.
5) Protect from sun: If your daily moisturizer does not contain sunscreen, mix it with a mild sunscreen. Be careful that the product contains zinc, avobenzone or helioplex. Purple and whitish provides full protection without a trace.

6) Try the treatment from the kitchen: Make a mask with avocado crush for 15 minutes a week to give healthy and natural oil to a dry skin. Or you can have a face massage a week with olive oil instead of night cream. But if you have an acne problem, do not even think about it.

7) Nardan faydalanın: Güneş koruyucunuzun etkisini bolca nar yiyerek artırabilirsiniz. Nar cildin güneşten korunma özelliğini yüzde 25 oranında artırıyor.

8) Rujunuzu bir kere sürün: Rujunuzu gün içinde sık sık tazelemek yerine dudaklarınıza biraz nemlendirici sürdükten sonra dudak kalemiyle çerçeveleyin ve içini doldurun. Sanki kendi rengi gibi görünecek ve hiç çıkmayacak.
9) Do not run over: Excess temperature can worsen skin redness. Stay away from saunas, steam baths and spicy foods to prevent the appearance of a cracked capillary.

10) Follow the sequence: Use the skin care products in the correct order to get the best results. Continue with serum, then products with heavy formula. For example, in the morning you can apply an anti oxidant serum followed by a moisturizer and finally a sunscreen.

11) For Sucrose: Milk contains all the proteins needed to feed the skin. Moisturizes dry lips while refreshing and softening skin.
12) Do not do these things: Keep your head in a small box with lip, hand and foot cream and make each of them a habit to practice before sleeping.

13) Stabilize your lipstick: After applying some powder around the lip to prevent your lipstick from spreading, apply lipstick. When applying rouge, put the density in the middle of the mouth, and rub the edges less.

14) A refreshing, pain-relieving suggestion for your tan-burning skin: Make a bath of warm one liter of water and 15 drops of lavender oil. Watermelon is also anti-inflammatory. You can pour the watermelon puree into the burning areas.

15) Use the black pen correctly: How the pen is pulled can change the shape of your eyes. You only get a clearer look when you pull the pen into the underbelly, only until halfway. When you take it, your eyes will look smaller.

16) Rendeleyin: Grate to increase the relaxing effect of the salad. So your swollen eyes will cover more than two thin slices.
17) Stay away from sugar: According to a survey in Australia, a diet containing plenty of vegetables, whole grains and very little processed sugar can be eliminated. Processed carbohydrates, sugary snacks, artificial foods increase insulin levels and cause other hormones to fluctuate and thus become acne. Low glycemic index foods help balance the body’s insulin.

18) Stop smoking: Smoking causes worsening of acne. Because cigarettes prevent oxygen from reaching the skin and prevent it from feeding, and the wound heals harder. Smoke gets the skin on the skin, which causes the skin to lose its color and look wrinkled.

19) Tighten your skin with ice: Fill the ice cubes with apple juice and place on ice. The malic acid in the frozen apple juice contains alpha hydroxy acid, the anti-aging effect. Run the ice cubes lightly in the face. You will feel stretched your face.

20) Pack your skin: Apply a lot of lotion to your hands and feet a week and wrap the stretch. Remove it after 30 minutes and see how soft your skin is.

21) Tighten with pineapple: A fruit that prevents collagen damage that leads to pineapple wrinkles. If you have a dull skin tone, add pineapple slices to your breakfast. Everyone will notice that you shine after a while.

22) Cream your hair: If your serum is getting sick, get help from your hand cream. Apply a drop of creams to your palm. Scan it and leave it to yourself. 23) Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your stomach can be very relaxing and you have to turn around to prevent wrinkles. Choose ergonomic cushions that prevent you from moving and grasping your head beautifully.

24) Chew it instead of drinking: The water in fruits and vegetables, such as grapefruit and cucumber, is better than the water you drink from the cell. Try to consume 3 servings of fruit a day and five servings of vegetables a day.

25) Remove foot odor: If you are complaining about foot odor, keep your feet in a cup of black tea. Allow the tea to brew well. Tea grains change the pH of your skin and fight off with odor.

27) Scan your hair: Before going to bed at night, tilt your hair forward and brush it with a soft brush. With circular motion you can get a deeper sleep and get healthier hair by massaging your head.

28) Take advantage of the carrot: Use fresh carrot juice with high calcium and phosphorus daily to strengthen your nails.

29) Do not get nervous in the air: Always dry your hair before going out. Do not neglect to use an anti-noxious product in the air.

30) Have perfect ties: – Use your fingers. If your tusks are flattened and dying, massage your hair deep down with your fingertips. This volume helps you to look more fuller and relax.


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