Welcome to the knitting techniques page, ladies. I want to learn knitting in you, but I do not know. Where do I start, how to knit how to knit, how to start knitting, how to knit techniques, crochet techniques and spit knitting techniques separately, but I can not find. If you are looking for newbies like me, with pictorial, written and video narratives and knitting techniques, and you are looking for something else, you’ve come to the page you are looking for. For those who are looking for knitting techniques and want to learn knitting, this page will be the most important page on our site. You can find dozens of knitting lessons on this page. Maybe it will be like a full academic work on knitting techniques and knitting education.

What will it be? How will we do it? Let me explain to you. Now we will process the subject from the most basic level, starting from questions such as how to take a loop, how to make a plain weave, how to weave a reverse weave, to advanced levels.

In our subjects, pictorial narration, video narration and written narrative description will be included. And I hope that I will list all knitting techniques on this page. This page will be our main page for knitting techniques.



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