The beauty is concealed in fine detail, and in general the antithetical output as a whole is collected on the most popular beauty trend nails of recent periods. Fingernails are not only nail polish but also various accessories, tapes, sticky and besides their imagination, nail decoration is becoming a beauty tool and it becomes almost a sanctuary. In the recent times, it is possible to come across many creative models of this art of nail decoration. The nails have become a symbol of beauty and charm of a woman from past to present. In this sense, not only extending the nail is sufficient, but for many years both nail care and various methods have been tried to show better. Almost every application can be done with healthy nail.This pretty and dazzling nail trim technique, which is usually preferred in the performing arts world, is very simple. As in other decorative techniques, the base is applied first in this nail decoration technique. Then the floor is spread until the color is opaque. The part to be considered is that the ground color is completely dried. Otherwise, the dry floor color will distort the image by applying deformation when applying sticky stones. After the ground color is literally dry, the sticky stones of the desired size and color are removed from the packaging with the help of a suitable tweezers and placed in the desired area on the nail. The stones are self-adhesive so you can tap them lightly without needing to press them. The nail decoration made with this technique may not be applied to the last base since it is usually used daily. But if you want to use the model for a few more days, you can apply the base once again with transparent colored nail polish.The ladies who do not compromise on their pleasures want to be front-line with every detail. With elegance and elegance, those who want to summit the crotch are very attentive to their clothes, make-up, hand and nail care. In particular, they create manicures for their fingernails, as well as an art on their fingernails by means of ornamentation techniques. The technique of decorating various materials, patterns and figures with eye-catching colors is called nail decoration and has become quite popular in recent times. In the nail decoration technique, different materials such as objects in different colors, acrylic dyes, colored beads, stones, scales and water transfer silkers have begun to be used. Especially if you want to pass the art of nail decoration directly to the tortoise, ready silkers, printing plates, which provide direct nail polish transfer to the tortoise are very easy to work with, but if you want to process your imagination or motif, you can reflect your style with nail polish and acrylic paints.


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