More Amazing KIDS CAKES Compilation

Before you make a cake to be 100 percent successful, consider the following details.
Read the instructions thoroughly to avoid any errors.
Pay attention to good quality materials.
Weigh all the materials, do not stray from the given gauge. The dough depends on the measurement as it is required.
Well, you need to get the flour needed to make the cake. The dough made with the sifted flour is processed more easily.
Avoid opening the oven door after you put the mold in the oven. Yeast and sponge-like doughs are very quickly affected by the air current.

Prefill with tin or aluminum molds in gas ovens. Use dark steel molds in electric ovens.
Teflon molds prevent dough sticking.
Make sure the cake patterns are well sealed. Place foil beneath the molds that are not completely closed. The dough that leaks from the edges of the molds that are not well sealed is burning in the oven and the resulting smoke breaks the taste of pasta.
Remove the cooked pastry from the beef and put it on a grill so that you have prevented the cake from getting wet.
When you are garnishing with the bag, work fast, the long-standing shank heats up and becomes liquid.

Points to note when decorating the cake: If the pastry is prepared for what purpose it should be decorated appropriately. For example, birthday, special days, Christmas etc. as. If it is not such a day, you should decorate the cake with the proper type of paste. Fruit cake with a fruit, chocolate cake chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, etc. lt; / RTI & gt; If the decorated housewife takes care to taste and color harmony, tasteful pastries emerge.



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