Knit Pillow Case Making

Ladies, in this article I will share the details of the construction of a very nice model with knitted pillow case. This model that I share will give you a different look to the color of your homes. Moreover, with the different touches you can fully reflect your own taste of this pillow model is also very easy to knit. You can easily learn how to share this model, which you can evaluate in your many different living spaces, and I support you with my pictures. First of all, it is important to consider the size of the pillow case.

Then you can create one color as you can see in the picture or you can prepare a very dynamic and full pillow model by knitting all motifs in different colors. Preference is entirely yours.

Women who know how to knit with crochet in a very short time can prepare a model of this hilltop brings a different air to the areas. You can make use of this article to make this knitted pillow case to be one of the most important and popular pieces of young girls’ dowry.

After you decide on the size of the desired pillar, you can increase the motifs as you like by multiplying and multiplying the knitting pillow case quickly. First of all you want to pull in the middle of the chain pulling and then continue with the motif pattern consisting of motifs ending with the last sewing of motifs, and when it is completely finished in the pictures as you will see both a stylish and a different model.

Ladies, I would like to show you a ribbon work that you can use in various pillow and pillow designs. I want to show you how to make a bouquet with ribbon embroidery. Our video is at the end of the topic. You can decorate your pillows with a vinka flower.


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