Let’s take a step-by-step look at the construction of miniature gardens and terrariums as a good gift alternative.Start by choosing a pot that works for you. It could be a pot that you do not use at home, a coffee machine, a geometric pot that you buy from a store; in short you can evaluate all the alternatives you think you can use as a pot.For your miniature gardens you should choose the plants according to the size of the pot you receive. Generally, sukulent and cactus plants are preferred. These plants can live for a long time because they do not need water very much and they can exclude themselves from light. You can find many examples in the environment, but if you are going to do terrarium we call closed system; cactus and sukulent. You should pay attention to the fact that the plants you plant in your garden can not live together. If you add the asparagus plant and the sukulent plant to the same pot, the two plants will have a different water need, and the probability of these plants to live in the same environment is low.Now that you have chosen your flowerpot and your plants, you have come to the material to put your pots in order. First of all, you should put pebble stones, large ponza stones, which allow the most submerged water to drain. You should add volcanic tuff on the first layer. In order to protect plants against fungus and infection on volcanic tuff, activated carbon, coal and so on. you should put materials. These materials help filter the water. You should pay attention to the order of these materials especially if you are going to make a closed system terrarium. Finally, add cactus land or peat mixed with ponza stone onto the carp or activated carbon. Determine the amount of soil you will make based on the design. If you do not have enough material in your hand and want to create an open system; the most alta volcanic tuff is added on top of it with the fine ponza stone mixed with the soil.You can place your pots according to the garden design you dreamed of doing your plants.


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