Ladies, there’s no limit to what we can do with felt. Felt fabrics provide a wide range of usage for the curious. Today I will show you how to make very tasteful and decorative cup coats using felt fabric. At the end of the lecture you will see that the construction of colander is not hard at all.We do not want to use thick or thin felts when we use hand-made cups. Now let’s just say it. Let’s first cut colored felt pieces in thin strips with care. Carefully glue it on. The thickness of the fleece will not be a problem because the thickness of the fleece will increase with respect to the count. Let’s make a round felt fabric so that we can bend it like this.The size of the rolled felt pieces that we do may be different from each other. If you also differentiate the color selection, you can get more decorative and stylish parts. The room you will use and the glasses you will use will have to be matched to the color of the tables. Now we need a base for these. Here we go again to my face. Choose the color that fits best.Let’s cut the felt in enough size by giving it a nice shape that matches the under glass. Then roll the felt pieces we have prepared by sticking to this base properly. As you can see, a stylish glassware similar to a sushi dish that came to mind first when it comes to Japanese food came out. You can easily understand ta construction by looking at the pictures.


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