we have a great opportunity to make our loved ones and to make our children happy. Moreover, we can think of them as a school material that they will love to use. You can also give a gift to our loved ones that we use for knitting book shirting. If you are looking for something like this, let’s make an animal figurine booklet. Let’s start with 2 numbers of bricks, 3 colors of naked diamond rope and normal black color for eyes and nose part. We start by making 15 rails in the magic ring. On top of each other, we do double handrails on each needle. 3. We make 2 single 1 double rails in order. We change the length of the railing to form the ears. For the mouth part, we start by making 10 needles into the magic ring with our emergency color rope. We will increase the total number of handrails to 20, so that each pin will be 2 handrails, and we will make the mouth part of the nose stitched with black to make it clear to the head part. We make a small colored bow and sew it to the head or neck. Anyone who wants to do it is already easy to come by.


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