You can make countless objects from the newspaper. You can prepare baskets in different models and put the objects you want into them. You can put your hobby materials. You can put flowers. You can put smelly stone models and boutique soap models.You can also prepare very nice chests by giving the newspaper a view of the mat. You can use cardboard underneath the cloak. In the following step you will see the crate made from the newspaper. Looks great. Who believes that you are in the news. You can give a wooden look by painting with brown acrylic paint.And again, a basket model made from newspapers. You can create patterns with colored paints. It’s a good idea to use it as a bread basket. You can also use it as a fruit basket.How about a rose from the newspaper?An example of a lamp made from a newspaper.You can use the newspaper to cover a white plastic object. Like plugs.


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