Beautiful ladies, today we will be bringing beauty to your beauty, adding elegance to your elegance, we are present with a very nice Fingerless Glove Making.The Fingerless Glove Model can be processed optimally with the number 3 bottles, and if your rope is not too thick, it will be more elegant, starting with 45 loops, but you can adjust it according to your hand tightness or looseness, of course you can change the number of stitches according to the wrist measurement.
It is wonderful with embroidery, it looks like a scarf, I like you very much and I hope you like it, even the new skis are very easy to do even if you are new learners, when it comes to the embroidery on it, you can decorate it as you wish, with embroidery or with beads, beautiful hearted. Make it easy for you to do well, on good and healthy days.


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