Hello On this day, ladies will share a handy square motif making it easy for you. We are an example of a fun and easy to use construction you can use anywhere. With our crocheted square motif, you can comfortably make the patterns of blankets and pillowcases weave you see on our site.Again, we will tell you here with square motif making and you can make square lace models. With this lace motif, you can also make a case out of your own bags. You can use it as a pillow case. You can use Yada to make dress blouses.As you know, there are many different patterns of square motifs. We have chosen a very clear model that is very elegant in your interior.Materials for square motifs.Desired color and number of rope.Cow suit.Let’s start by pulling 4 chains and make a small ring. You can also use the magic ring in this section. If you do not know how crochet techniques can be seen in magic ring position. We are ready to fill our ring, 5 pieces of chain drawing.Let’s fill 3 pieces. 2 intermediate shots. Let’s make 3 double lanterns and draw 2 chains again to create the intermediate chain. Let’s keep this shape.Let’s make 2 double handrails and 2 chain draws together. Let’s make 2 more double rails. Let’s continue with the sequence.


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