Flowers are the ornaments of the world. We wear these ornaments to our homes, to our clothes, to our wearies. Especially there is someone in the flowers that has a very special meaning. As a beloved, when it comes to love, roses come to mind first, especially red roses. What do you say it is used too often in pussy, skewers and crochet work?You should start with chains first. There is no limit to the number of chains, you can draw according to the size you want. Each line you draw must be folded three times to form a razor. You continue this way and knit until the end of the sequence. On the other hand, you must sink all the loops once and knit this sequence frequently as a needle. Next, on average, you need to kneel more than 10 spots on a single needle.So you will be knitting the middle part of the laugh. You should make double rails along 5 loops by sinking each pair. Again, you must knit a triple razor in each row. As a last row, you must knit and finish your needle frequently by sinking into every loom. You will complete the robe by turning the long lane you created. If you hang up this rose, you should fix it with the help of glue or by sewing with a needle.You can create a rose with the help of a needle in the part of the model you want. Especially in models that you wear for girls, this detail will help you get a nice look. Some ladies prefer this type of knitting for their jewelry designs.You can add a new one among the models that you will learn from the internet or the strangers you go with the knitting flower making and the models you can take with the crochet. With these models you have, you will also have a bag that you can use when you attend a nightly invitation. In this case, you can get help from narrative videos made of crochet flowers and crochet flowers.


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