Let’s start by drawing chains, for example, by chain scale and 12 bobs according to the scale you will be measuring. 2 rows of 3-way handrails.Let’s do the edge railing and make 4 chain draws 5. I cut the rails and fill the same rails 4 times with 3 rails. 1 chain draw and right next to the sink. 4 tenses 3 rails do 4 chain draws.Let’s do edge rails and make 1 railing on 3 chain chains, 3 rails on 3 rails, 1 railing on rails, 5 rails, 3 rails, 1 railing, 3 rails.Let’s do the edge handrails and 1 to the right of the handrails. Let’s make 4 pieces of 3 handrails. 1 chain and 4 handrails to the left again 4 chains.


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