I have already been stepping through the pouch sewing, which is the first step in transforming the box wrecker accessory into an ordinary necessity. In this writing, I will tell you how you can do with the crochet hook that you have seen in the picture, and we will have further increased the albinism of the wipe boxes.Requirements:
2.5 crochet and suitable mercerized cotton yarn.First we start with chains. How many chains we will draw depends on the box size, but how many chains we draw should be a number that can be divided into 5 digits.1st square: we draw the required number of chains
2nd square: we turn and draw 1 chain and make a needle every other chain in turn
3rd square: we turn and pull the chain again and we jump the first frequent needle and we make the needle repeatedly on all the remaining needles and finish the order on the last chain
4th frame: we turn and draw 1 chain
5th frame: we jump the first frequent needle and make frequent needle injections
6th frame: we have five chains.As in the 6th frame above, after 5 chains are pulled out, we repeat a needle in the same frequent needle again. So we get the image seen in the 1st square below. In the next needle, we make a needle frequently, pull out 7 chains and make another needle in the same needle again, and make a needle in the next needle, pull the chain 5 times and repeat the same needle 1 more needle, and our first flower motif is coming out.Before starting the other flower motif, we need to inject a needle frequently to the two adjacent needles, and in the picture below we get the second one. After these two frequent needles, we continue in the same cycle (frequent needle-5chain-frequent needle, frequent needle-7chain-frequent needle, frequent needle-5 chain-frequent needle, frequent needle, frequent needle) and combine the edge ornament in the handkerchief box We sew it with all sorts of things.


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