You can design the candlesticks according to the theme of your invitation. How is it? You only need tea-light candles, patterned papers and a little creativity. We chose black and white patterns, we got a soft look with burning tealight candles. You can also choose bright colors or even lame and dore colors to match your table cover color.Materials:
• The number of tables you want can be measured according to the size of the glass
• Tea-Light
• Pattern paper with the style and color you want
• Scissors
• Adhesive
• Ruler
First of all, put the paper according to the mouth size of the glass cups and remove the mold.

• Then 2 or 3 cm from the center. cut the eye as high as possible.

• You can find the pattern after a few tries. After you test it on the glass, you can blink.

• Tea-light candles can be very close to glass cups with long candle lighters, otherwise it can be very difficult to burn.

• You can change the patterns according to the table cover and your dining sets.


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