If you want to do something with your own effort instead of getting ready, I would definitely try it. Both material is cheap and can be found in every home. We can get rid of the classical nihalel and make our own design. Our materials can also be used with wooden latches and wood glue or a strong adhesive. We separate the metal parts of the wooden latches from each other. You can also do this with the help of a pliers. Later, as you can see in the picture, bringing it side by side to get a round and stick the latches together. After all these processes are finished, you will be ready to use it without hesitation 🙂 You can use it like this or if you have acrylic paints you can paint and varnish any color you want and get a different color finish. I painted the pomegranate flower. You can also just use it as a potting pad, which you can not think of as a nail or put it under any decorative object.


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