Now we are taking our crochet and our rope. Let’s use a thick rope and crochet to make our model appear. To show the basket weave pattern, pull out the chain of 21 adat. In general, the crochet is made of 3 layers of basket weaving and the chain is pulled up. And we fill it with the first round balustrade.

The basic rationale of basket weaving with crochet is that with a certain number of stitches twisted in reverse and straight knit. Your count depends on your model, on your ipin it varies.After you pick up the chain, for example, you may wish to have a pair of double handrails. you can instead have a row of triple handrails. Already two videos I will add below use dual handrails while others use triple handrails.

We filled the first row with a handbag and by the time we got back two chains. Of course we used dual lanterns. Now we will pull the two chains and make the double handrails again. But this time we have a pair of lower pair of scapegoat teeth, so we will have to cling to the back of their fronts and do the lanterns. As in the picture below. Let’s do 4 double handrails.

Now we are taking rope again and this time we are putting our crochet behind the bottom of our bottom bunkers and we are making 4 double handrails.Thus, we finish four of the four front double-hand rails will be from behind. When we go back, we make from the back what we have made from the front, the rafters we made from the front in the bottom row. So we make a first row of our basket weave model after a row of 4 rear-back razors and a row back.Like a sub floor, the trabzan from the front, the trabzan from the back, the trailer from the back,He’s doing the opposite. We make a trapeze from behind the trailer made from the front. In front of the trailer from behind.In this step, we repeat what we did in step 5 in step 5. In other words, a lower side of the trabzas is ahead of the front. So we have a row of basket weaves in both rows. We provide intimate motifs by sweating a basket of motifs on both sides in a straight line.


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