We want to add a new one to your needs. You can use the cord knit model, bag models, knit hat models to decorate.
Throw 3 loops on only 1 of the double sided skins. Of course you can make it much thicker if you want. But in terms of your conceptual basis we will tell you with 3 loops. You can increase the number to make a larger mesh cord and combine a few strings to make a weft and make a chain weft model.
Instead of turning the hips upside down, take three of them at the end of the swollen one. Start knitting normally. When the knit is complete, slide the knitted sweater on the skewer to the opposite side and continue to knit without turning the knee.
The important thing in this technique is that when the knitting is over without turning the other side, the stitches are moved to the other side of the skull and continue to knit without turning the skull.


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