We take as many stitches as you want and we have a straight weave in the 1st. This flat knit model is not related to the only method that we do is to make sure that the knitting is folded at the bottom and the collection is flat.
We take the first one with a flat kneecap and the second one without a knot in our turn. We make one straight stitch. So we are making a loop flat knit.
Then we take our rope from behind and pick up the three stitches at once. But we do not remove the left breast from the triple thread. We sink our thrust once into the thrill of your throat and back into our threesome. This time we are removing the left thong from the threesome. Now we have cut three threads at once, but at the same time we have taken three loops.
Then we build one straight loop. And then we cut the three threads again like a flat knitted weave in the form of three knitting flat knitting weaves but without knitting the left knuckle we are once again roped up again and we make flat knitting. We had three loops. Now we take the left breast from a threesome. Again we cut three loops and we had three loops.In this way, we cut a flat knit and then cut three loops at the same time, and at the same time, we get three straight loops and a straight loop. So we continue till the end of the sequence.3. We come to our side by knitting all the rows in reverse on the back side of our knitwear. Once again, we take our first lap to the front again.
4. We make our second row as we are. But this time we do not get a straight stitch at first. We take three threads directly and cut it and we take three stitches out of it, just like the second one. We are doing this because we do not always get a stitch in the 2nd place and we do not get the 4th star because our star sample always slides so that it does not come up.
Then we make a flat weave and we cut three stitches and continue to take three stitches until the end of the sequence.
5. We are making reverse weave between us.
6. We are doing the same as our second row. After that we repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 throughout the weave.


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