In this video I will teach you how to crochet the beautiful shells blanket pattern in one color.
I used an H.5.00MM crochet hook and a Red Heart super saver in heather gray for this video. The cream colored pictured is a red heart shimmer yarn.

I love your video! I tried to follow the written instructions and got totally lost so I did what I always do–I came to YouTube! By following your video, I was able to quickly master this pattern and I am now about half way through an adorable baby blanket. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi like that pattern you are very easy to follow .I like your tutorials . I have a question I have two colours yarn pink and white and I like to make this blanket a many gr of yarn you need ? I would like to start with the white and then the pink . Like the pattern in your tutorials white and blue . Thanks. Please can I have a reply thx

Thank you so much for teaching this stitch. for yrs all I did was plain double stitch blankets just back and forth back and forth and when I saw this video I was so happy. your a great teacher thank you so much. I made a beautiful blanket for my best friend Chantal and now making one for my Doctor because she is an awesome doctor. thank you again . Cheryel

This is so beautiful! I started it in pink even though I knew I wouldn’t have enough for a blanket, but it sure turned out a pretty little coaster with just four rows… 🙂 I can’t wait to buy enough yarn to make this beautiful blanket. Thanks so much for sharing your God given talents. I love following your videos; they’re so clear and concise and make it so easy to follow along; even for crocheters like myself who have been crocheting for over 40 years. God bless you.


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