From Clumsy To Graceful! These DIY Life Hacks Will Save You From Any Embarrassing Situations

I have never used a field of hair spray before. When you wear short skirts or dresses, as if your short is not enough, as you walk, you slide upwards, and that’s exactly what you suggest; on top of your sock, you will squeeze the hair spree to the region where your skirt comes. He was preventing it from slipping.

The ink stain is one of the hardest stains. it is one of the most common problems faced by employees. A shirt or dress you wear is an ink stain without knowing how it is. Is it possible to remove the ink spot? Yes it is possible … Here is the simple solution.

Put the part of your clothing with ink stains in a large whale. Put milk on it. Make sure you cover up the smokes completely. Then add about half of the white sirken. Keep your dressing in this mixture overnight. In the morning, remove the garment from the mix. If you get a slight trace of the ink spot, rub the fabric to get rid of the stain. Then you can break your clothes.

If you want your ring to stay brighter .. Use nail polish.

We used to use polish nail polish to keep your rings bright, but there is a separate method for the monsters. You will use it for your solitaire, the ketchup will brighten your single.

One of the most common problems in your sweaters is hair. Take this as a method to do this with a razor feathered razor.


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