Crispy Chicken Strips and Veggies

No one will ever believe that these crisp chicken fingers are completely baked and cooked on ONE PAN with veggies!

Happy 4th everyone! Now I know I should be posting some sort of crazy burger-hot-dog-hybrid concoction for this holiday but you’ll have to take these chicken fingers instead because, well, chicken fingers works for any type of occasion, enjoyed by both children and adults.

It’s even better when they are completely baked from start to finish, except no one can really tell that these are baked. They are just that crisp!

The secret is using crushed Corn Flakes, breading this up with all-purpose flour and Ranch seasoning, my favorite ingredient of all.

To make the pot even sweeter, you can bake your veggies right alongside your chicken tenders, making this an easy-peasy full-rounded meal!



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