Chef Surprises Kids With Cake Made From Drawing

Folks who like to cook, to enter the kitchen, to see food as an inspiration are starting with a humble message: Do not say “Stop, you do not understand, now you are going to mess around”. Let go of the kitchen, let it go, let it go. It is not worth it, it will learn. Two grams of crumbs. After a long time saying “No, I can not do it, it does not look good”.

In fact, encourage him to enter the kitchen. Have fun while you eat together, see how your food is done, do not have to be a chef in the future, you can prepare food for your loved ones.

Children are very interested in kitchen since infancy. Playing with spoons, playing with spoon forks, wandering around and wishing to look inside is something they enjoy most when they come to the kitchen every time they come.

Because mothers spend most of their time in the kitchen, the children also enjoy spending time in the kitchen with them and exploring every corner of the kitchen.

The kitchen is such a curious place for the child, it is necessary to include it in the kitchen exactly the opposite of where it is to be removed from the kitchen.

You will have a good time with your child and make him very happy
You will leave the kitchen, which he wondered and occasionally banned, to his hands.
When he opens and closes the cabinets to remove the ingredients for the cake, he actually goes out of his curiosity.
You will give him responsibility. You will have the opportunity to observe it when you fulfill this responsibility. How well do you listen to, how much attention is given, how do you do your job, what needs support. I guess there is no better chance of getting to know your child.
You will have given your child mathematical concepts. The number of eggs, such as candy scale, math is enjoyable for him.
At the same time you will reinforce opposing concepts. More often, liquid solid, fast slow etc.
Your child will make a significant contribution to motor development. Mixing with a mixer, mixing with a mixer or whisk is an important experience for engineers.
Your child’s self-confidence develops. The only cousin that his mother has done so far is the child who sees what she can do, motivated to sign another success.
Your child learns to be patient and not to wait. Cake mixed in 10 minutes and put in the fry, patience to wait for 30 minutes to cook is required.
When you finally get out of the crayon, your child will learn: “I can accomplish many things in life. As long as I use the right method, I try and I am patient. It is absolutely necessary to pay for every effort. ”
With these feelings and thoughts, you put a slice of cake on yourself and on your child and you are tired of it.



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