Cakes, Cupcakes and More Recipe Videos

Cupcake is the most fun thing in the world. Making a cupcake with colored creams made of pebbles is a complete art. Why do you say so, what we love most about entering the kitchen is definitely cupcake! Everything about cupcake cream, cupcake decorations and construction is waiting for you.

While preparing colorful creams, I am not having fun at all as much as I am having fun laying fruits on a tiny tiny cupcake.

This is what I see as being able to do cupcake and write the dimension myself. Here’s the milk recipe, cupcake recipes.

We can put the appleside into cupcake and make it perfect.

For cakes;

2/3 S.B sugar

125 gr butter

2 eggs

1/2 T.K vanilla

1 T.K cinnamon

3/4 S.B

2 T.K relief tozu

2 Y. milk

First mix sugar and butter until snowy. Then add the cinnamon and vanilla eggs inside. Mix the flour and baking powder thoroughly in a separate place, add the egg mixture and stir the milk. Divide it into 12 pieces of brown paper and cook for 20 minutes at 175 degrees.

For apple mortar;

2 small apples

55 gr butter

1/4 S.B brown sugar

1/2 T.K cinnamon

Add applesauce butter and a cube of cubes. Add apple, cinnamon and sugar on the melted butter and cook.

For cream;

1 pkt labne

2 S.B powder sugar

1 T.K vanilla

Beat and soften in a Labneyi mixer, then add sugar and vanilla and mix well.

After the cakes are cooked and cooled down, make a small hole in the center and fill the cooled apple mixture. Then squeeze the hardened cream, which you have left in the fridge, onto a squeeze bag and apple blend. Garnish with caramel sauce and serve.




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