5 Foods You Should Eat Every Day!

Eat four almonds for his health for the day
Only 4 almonds a day cause 7 significant changes in our body.Lower cholesterol
One of the most important effects of badminton is that it is cholesterol-lowering. If your bad cholesterol is high, increase your daily consumption to 20-30.
Strengthens your hair
Almond contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen and prolong your hair. Magnesium and zinc make your hair prolonged, and Vitamin E strengthens. B gives vitamini brightness.

Prevents heart diseases
Almond, its unsaturated fat and magnesium support the heart and blood vessels. Consuming badmilk to prevent heart problems.

Prevents wrinkles
Almonds help produce collagen, which is essential for the skin. Thanks to its manganese and vitamins E, you can battle with aging signs.

Guard the intestines
The prebiotics in the almond shells allow good intestinal bacteria to grow and multiply. If you have stomach ache, bad breath and indigestion, it is recommended that you eat 30-35 almonds a day.

Helps to lose weight
A scientific study proved that people eating almonds consumed less carbohydrates. Almond, a source of vitamins and fiber, helps to lose weight by accelerating metabolism.

Improve memory
Badem E improves memory when consumed regularly, thanks to its vitamins and fatty acids.

When you eat 1 egg every day, what is your body? Except for the 11 amino acids that the body itself produces, it needs the other 9 amino acids to fulfill its functions. These nine amino acids are also found in the egg.Strengthens your bones

In the egg, there is calcium that prevents bone erection and strengthens your bones.

There are countless benefits to eating broccoli. One of these is that broccoli is good for cancer and joint pain thanks to the iron and potassium it contains.

The very rich muzum in terms of fiber does not end with counting the benefits. Bananas, one of the most consumed fruits, is a rich source of potassium. The vitamins and minerals it contains are also a very useful fruit.

As we all know, fish is a useful nutrient for vitamins and minerals. Phosphorus, calcium, iodine and vitamins rich in fish, B1, B2 and D contain vitamins.

Except for those who are really passionate about fish and consume frequently, consumption of fish is less than necessary in our country. The fish, which has more protein than red meat, contains little fat. Moreover, oil in fish is more useful than other oils. More importantly, not all of the protein from red meat is used by the body, but almost all of the protein and fat in the fish is being used by our bodies.

Fish because of the low carbohydrate and starch content it contains; preferred diet food also comes at the beginning. It is a great source of nutrients especially for people with cholesterol problems.



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