Yes, ladies will share beautiful three-dimensional flower motifs with you in this summer. I am sure you will hear what you are asking for these motifs, but you can decorate a corner of your home with these flower motifs or add a cardigan, vest style to your clothes to make them look beautiful.If you want to make a magic ring, we hang up 4 chains and we hang up 4 chains and we make twelve bobbins in. We choose our medium thickness and it should be suitable for us. Then we will continue to stitch our handrails with a different color every 24 hours. (important part). After that, we put our cigarette in the starting place and draw the tongue from here, and our tiny raised leaves are formed. After that, we pull 4 more chains and we sink frequently with the needle according to the next trabz. 12 pofuduk leaves will be.Then we do it again with a colorful rope on the front side of the motif, and there will be a total of 6 leaves. Then we turn the back face of the motif and make the rabbits in green and we make 6 rabbits in a bunch of birds and a total of 30 birds. we are going to dip in a pair of 6 plates and get a hexagonal figure while doing solid. There will be 36 rabbits on the table.


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