Do not you show your eyes and gaze more? In order to use the mask which is suitable for long and full cuffs, we would like to have mascara for you to have sexy and long cuffs.

Curl your eyelashes first with an eyelash curler: all the make-up artists speak the same trick. Before applying mascara, curl your lashes beautifully so that your lashes are the most effective way to get a long, beautiful look. If you do not want to use an eyelash curler, always apply mascara and push the eyelashes up and back while still wet. Also make sure these lashes will not break and curl more, you can apply primer first.

You can use many methods to clean your brush. You already know there are many products available in the market for this. Most of these products, however, do not fulfill their promises and are quickly over. Instead, it is possible to clean your busts with materials that are at home or easily available. The most used one is baby shampoo-olive oil mixture. The baby shampoo-olive oil mixture allows the dirt to come out quickly without damaging the brush bristles.

As you know, the problem of weight is a problem for all of us. Often, if you take a lot of weight and get a new pair of pants, this pants can be very abundant in your body after 3 months. It is the most logical to narrow the pants temporarily in such situations. you can easily expand it with small edits

Make old cloth or jeans shorts.

You can evaluate your old jeans jacket in summer by making jeans from jeans jacket. It is also a nice way to add patterns by patching the jeans.

Consider the old clothes! Look at the buyer’s eye before you say goodbye to an old suit. Can you use it as a blouse or skirt? Perhaps you will cut out as a strapless blouse and create a blouse with no shoulders by making arms from the remaining fabric. Or, with the help of your scissors, you can add a wonderful corset-like ruffle down to your dress. It is also possible to cut only the upper part of the shoulders of the dress and combine them with yarns or knobs. You can now use these methods in your weary T-shirts.


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