We know that many ladies use the nail polish in their everyday life and put it in an important place in their lives. Due to this reason, sometimes the process of drying the ogen can become a big problem for us when we need to get out of the house and grow up once.

There is a lot of ladies who can not leave home without a nail polish!

Ice water. Make iced water and place your hands in this water for 1 minute after the oven has run. You will notice that it dries quickly! At the same time, the hot water method, known as the golden method for removing nail polish, is a very useful method for drying the objects by reversing them!

How do we get rid of blackheads, which is a common problem of women and men? What are herbal solutions for black spots? How is black spot cleaning done at home? Here, the definitive solution is black dot masks .
Pour the carbonates into the mixing bowl. Carbonate is a natural beauty source for your face. Black dots will brighten your face next to cleansing. However, when using carbonates, try an application other than instructions. Unconscious use can damage skin. Tighten a few drops of lemon juice. Lemon juice acts as a cleanser for the skin and is also highly effective for excessively oily skin. Mix the materials and make them into paste. Be careful not to be too fluid or sticky as we will float the mixture. Lightly spread the mixture over the areas with black spots for 2-3 minutes. The problem area varies from person to person, but usually the black spots on the side are more pronounced and widespread.

Apply this method twice a week. You will see that you clean the black spots on the side.

You can do with ear bar.

During your mascara application you will get a fuller look if you apply some powder, transparent powder to your lashes. You can drive this powder with claws on your ear cuffs.

If you are wearing a lash, you know the importance of sticking. He should not run away, but he should not be. These are the right tools you can use when driving the glue.


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