It’s an annoying thing to break up make-up products like lipstick, blush, eye fir. How can we turn old jams into old ones? Here you will be helping;
Do not worry if your lipstick is divided into two pieces. You can come to the top with a spinning machine. Melt the remaining lipstick in the bowl with a fingering machine (match, candle). Just remember that the top is lightly melted, avoid more heat. Take the other lipstick and stick it together. You should soften your place with your fingers and give it a proper shape. You should be sure that your hands are clean during all these operations, you should start by washing your hands. Once you have properly shaped your lipstick, you can now put it in the refrigerator so it hardens.
Another method is to keep the broken lipstick in another box. Put the other lipstick that breaks into a small, capped cabinet. To create a smooth surface, melt your lipstick slightly with the finishing machine. With the help of a lip brush you can continue to use your lipstick.

Lipstick, as well as fragrance, blush, brow fir, bronze powder, you can return to the powder foundation. How Does? The first step is to smash the broken make-up material into a fine powder in its shell. Then add a few drops of alcohol, stir well. To create a smooth surface, press on the make-up material with something flat on the bottom. It’s that simple.
Instead of repairing the eye shadow, you can turn it into a creamy structure. After finely pulverizing again, add some petroleum jelly into it and mix it. After transferring to a small, covered container, place it in the refrigerator. Now you have a cream coat / eye shadow.


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