Beachy waves work best on medium-length to long hair and always manage to steal the show, no matter what’s the occasion. The secret to this look lies in the technique and this one is a really quick, super easy yet amazing way to give yourself those gorgeous curls with lots of volume and appeal, all you need is a curling iron, a hair spray and a styling spray. If you are dreaming of luxuriously wavy hair, turn to this lovely tutorial how to get some pretty loose wavy curls to your hair.

Ponytails look effortless and playful, but chic at the same time. It’s the quickest and easiest hairstyle that will keep you looking fresh and casual, even when you have got no time to devote to a hairdo, especially on those lazy and busy mornings. If you also wish for a voluminous and long pony, but can’t opt for this effortless look due to thin or less fluffy hair, then an amazing yet simple trick can make it happen for real taking no more than a minute of yours.

Side swept bangs can be an amazing addition to any look, given that they suit almost any face shape. You can style them so many different ways which makes them a great option for any occasion. Have them dramatically sweeping across your face or just simply go for the subtle look, whatever you like. Usually, bangs that sweep to one side with true perfection are something that most women find quite hard to achieve, but with this method of getting the bangs of your dream, you don’t have to struggle anymore.


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