Your walls reflect you

Among the accessories that add to the living rooms are wall decorations. You can reflect your own style successfully in these areas where you can make beautiful with various tables. A word of yours, a book quote or lyric can inspire you to make such designs. For handmade tablets, which is one of the easiest choices among your own make-up ideas, all you need is a beautiful word or visual, a little paper, glue and creativity.


The easiest ones to do are the simple dyes. You can get very stylish accessories by painting pieces such as glass bottles, glasses or bowls that you can easily find in your home. With these pieces you can choose from as tiny vases or storage solutions, your living room can reflect an enjoyable energy and have accessories that perfectly match your decor and taste.

Open Your Own Exhibition

Make-your-own ideas are often creative ideas that can be practically applied. You can apply the ideas that will help you show a wall of your living room like a photo exhibition. With frames, posters and wall accessories in different shapes, you can create a very stylish space. When you do this kind of work, do not forget that you will create a nice focus point in the living room and you can shape your decoration according to this point.

Earning Your Accessories Personality

The candle holders or water glasses that will accommodate your feelings and decor can be exclusive to you. These items can be covered with crochet hooks and you can have stylish and elegant accessories. Crochet work is one of the self-made ideas that can be preferred not only to give a different air to the glass products but also to add color to the living space.


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