Essential Ingredients for Natural Blushing at Home
I will give you the general material list here, since our goal is to give you samples of blushing to suit each skin color. You will find out what ingredients you need to use to blush in different tones such as pink, peach and down.

If you have medium or dark skin color, especially brownish tones can be a good choice. Hibiscus is more deeper than the beetroot pulp dust, the beetroot gives a pink-red color. When adjusting the amount of dust, you can make your decision accordingly.

For the hot blot of pink on the trail, put a small glass kavanza and stir fried carrots, hibiscus dumplings, beetroot dumplings and cacao 1/2 teaspoon. Your dust collection is ready for use. It will be enough to change the amount of materials you put in order to play with intensity.

The recently popular coconut oil, which has become popular in recent times, reduces the amount of sweating when it is put under the armpits. It also opens the color of the underfed underwear. Coconut oil is a natural deodorant. Some coconut oil is mixed with carbonate. This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator and used as deodorant.

A perfect moisturizer for the skin. Aloe Vera gel refreshes, moisturizes and keeps your skin fresh and radiant all the time.
Aloe Vera gel has anti-microbial properties and is ideal for treating acne and skin problems.

Aloe vera juice, keep the lemon juice mixture open for 10 minutes
Apply the mixture to areas affected by skin stains using a cotton ball with stains.


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