Things we all know, but in the practice part, it is often passed through lazy. If you want to have healthy and shiny hair, do it!

Often snooze
The ends of the hair, which are worn out even from the dyes and the formers and even from the frequent scans, are broken, dried up and have a forked appearance after a while. This shows the hair unhealthy. It’s a complete cliché, but it’s true: if you cut half a inch of your hair every month, it will look vibrant, lush and bright enough to get rid of the unhealthy parts of your hair. It gives the impression of dancing harmoniously.

Take care of your hair
Use your hair shampoo as well as cleansing your hair. For example, there may be shampoos with avocado and coconut oil. These nourish and strengthen hair. Strengthening hair is the best foundation for healthy hair.

Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo cleans the hair without wiping away useful oils from the hair. Moreover, long hair is heavy and pendulous. With dry shampoo you can add volume by massaging your hair roots.

Give it a color
Long and dark hair is very nice, but do not you think it looks like a blanket? It may be a good idea to include some color and sparkle in between. They will look bright and vivid with bales.

Long hair is heavy. If their roots are not supported, they will go straight down. To show the hair in volume, you can use it with products that give volume to the hair of the hair, called “booster”, when the hair is damp. Feed it to your hair diplomas like a massage, to the ends of your hair. You do not have to come.

Your hair is worn out in sleep
It may be interesting, but it wears off and breaks hair as it rubs on the pillow. Of course we are talking about long hair. Torn, tangled and oppressed hair when turning to the left or right. You can use a satin pillow or silk pillowcase. These are the least frustrating things. Or you can lace up your hair loose from the hill.

A little, a lot
You do not need to use too many products in your hair. The most beautiful, natural and moving waves. To make those fabulous curls we call the beach wave, your hair is a little stylish and dry. So much!

Vitamin supplement
You can buy Biotin support to strengthen your hair and ensure its rapid extension. Biotin stimulates the cells that cause hair growth. Your hair thickens and grows. Of course, it’s better to ask the dermatologist before you buy this vitamins.




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